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Meet Janice Lyons

Janice Lyons

My name is Janice Lyons.

I’m a Registered Professional Counsellor and Self-Worth Activist. People usually come to me for support around anxiety and depression. But what they REALLY walk away with is a toolkit on how to adult.


My work is about helping people become more confident at being themselves. Because creating the life of your dreams doesn’t have to be complicated, and I’m here to prove it!


Counselling is a supportive relationship designed to help resolve personal, social, or psychological difficulties. The goal is to help people live joyful, meaningful, and engaged lives. This is done by asking the right questions, providing an objective perspective and serving as a source of accountability.


I seek to understand what constitutes an optimal lifestyle for you. This includes recognizing unwanted negative cycles of behaviour and replacing them with tools to create your desired life. Through working together, you can begin to live your ideal life without unwanted limitations or expectations.


Imagine you have a gas tank inside of you and this gas tank is depleted and refilled by our actions. Everything we do either gives us energy or takes it away; the goal is to have a full gas tank at the end of the day. This is done by carefully choosing how we spend our time and energy. Do you want to learn how?


worldwide affiliates & customers


worldwide affiliates & customers


worldwide affiliates & customers


worldwide affiliates & customers

Janice Lyons Counselling Services

Janice Lyons


Do you need someone to talk to who has a different perspective?
Designed for those who need a supportive and caring listener, and want to create small powerful changes.

Janice Lyons


Is there a problem or do you feel unsure about a decision?
This is designed for those who need a kickstart moving forward into the life they desire.

Janice Lyons


Are you confused about how your life ended up here?
Designed for those who want to dive deep into themselves and discover how to become unstuck.

Janice Lyons Pricing

  • Pay Per Session

  • $100Per Session
  • + One hour 1-on-1 session 
    + Offered in welcoming confidential office
    + To book when needed
    + Morning and evening availability (no guaranteed times)
    +Develop skills to resolve everyday stresses

  • Problem Solving Toolkit

  • $280Per 3 Sessions
  • +Individualized one hour 1-on-1 sessions
    +Offered in welcoming confidential office
    +Morning or evening sessions (pre-booking available)
    +Create and practice life skills that are specific to your needs

  • Lifestyle Shift

  • $800Per 9 Sessions
  • + Individualized one hour 1-on-1 sessions
    + Offered in welcoming confidential office
    + Morning or evening sessions (pre-booking available)
    + Average number of sessions needed
    + Build a toolkit of specialized skills and look deeper at your behaviour patterns.

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